Why buy pre-loved?

Why is there such abundant supply of pre-owned Tiffany & Co. jewelries?

In top luxury markets such as US and Japan, pre-owned luxury goods industry thrives as consumers tend to not only buy but sell off what they bought. We source worldwide extensively.

Are your store’s pre-owned items very much different from a brand new one?

While a brand-new Tiffany jewelry may cost you an arm and a leg, a pre-owned one is much more affordable, up to 70% lower than retailed price (the price difference is even larger for countries with import tax on jewelry) in our store.

Most of our products are in excellent condition as we perform in-house buff polishing on every piece. This is how we save cost meanwhile offering stunning quality. As for wedding rings and engagement rings, we make sure that they are in pristine and like-new condition.

We take high resolution photos to show you every possible defect an item might carry, so you know what to expect. We never use stock photos.

Why should I buy a pre-owned one?

A Tiffany ring is a Tiffany ring regardless, whether purchased new or second-hand. Even if you buy a brand-new one from Tiffany store, it becomes second-hand the moment it’s handed to you. Why spend more on the same thing? 

A tiffany diamond will always uphold its value and even inflate by time, making it a good form of investment.

As for other non-bridal jewelries, you’re buying it at a discounted price, so even if you decided to let go of it later the reselling price will be about the same, if not higher (the value of Tiffany jewelries inflates over time). This allows you to enjoy high brand fashion without the qualm of overspending.

A characteristic of our store is that we carry many rare and retired pieces, where there could be only a few (if not the only one) in the global second-hand market. If you’re a fashion savvy and crave for something that distinguishes yourself from others, you’ve come to the right place.

How do you guarantee authenticity?

Making sure that a pre-owned branded item you buy is authentic is indeed a pain in the neck. Every piece sold in our store has been meticulously authenticated and such authenticity guarantee is a core value we offer in our business. We have a vast knowledge of the brand built up from years of experience handling over a thousand pieces of Tiffany jewelry. While Tiffany and its counterfeit counterparts keep evolving, we are relentless in our pursuit of an even deeper brand knowledge so as to better serve our customers.

Read more here or watch the video about the authenticity of our products.