Purchase-related FAQ

Q: Does your store take returns?

By principle, we do not accept returns due to the high cost and risk for both parties. Customers are encouraged to try out a piece at the store (for newer items that are still available at Tiffany), ask for more photos which we would gladly provide, or find out the correct ring size (the most fitting size may differ depending on the design of the ring, especially due to width and thickness), prior to placing an order.

Q: Can I cancel an order?

In the event of cancelation or return due to buyer remorse, PayPal fees of 5% will be deducted from the amount refunded (PayPal no longer refunds sellers the fee). If an order is canceled after package is shipped, a total of USD45 return shipping fees will be deducted from the amount refunded.

Q: Will I receive what I see in the photos?

Yes absolutely. We do not use stock photos, and we take real photos of every product, including the defects and signs of use. 

Q: Do I have to pay import duty?

Custom (import) duty may arise in countries such as Canada, China, UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium (and most EU countries) etc. Buyers need to find out the tax rate beforehand and pay the custom charges at the point of delivery. We do not under-declare the amount or mark as gift as such practice is against the international law. For US, custom duty is around 5% (to be paid by buyer directly to FedEx), only applicable to purchases above $800. There is no sales tax.

Q: Does your store combine shipping for purchase of more than 1 item?

Yes, but shipping is charged on each item by default setting. Refund will be made for the extra shipping charges paid. For purchases of more than 3 items or high-value items, we may split them into a few packages as a risk-hedge measure. Any extra shipping fees paid will be refunded.

Q: What are the payment methods available?

We only accept PayPal for international customers. For Singaporean and Malaysian customers, payment can be made through local bank transfer, or by Cash-On-Delivery (COD). Please send an inquiry to inquiry@myprelovedtiffany.com.

Q: I am a Malaysian / Singaporean. Why is the PayPal checkout amount not the same as the rates shown in your website? 

The default currency we adopt is US Dollar, and the Malaysian Ringgit and Singapore Dollar rates shown in our website are only an estimate (based on market’s standard), because PayPal applies a higher rate. This is why we encourage Malaysian and Singaporean customers to pay through local bank transfer or COD to avoid currency exchange loss.

Q: Does your store offer layaway / payment plan?

By default, customers are requested to pay the full amount in a single payment. If you wish to opt for payment plan, there will be a non-refundable deposit of 20% (of the full amount) and full payment needs to be made within 3-6 months. Order will only be shipped after full payment is received.

Q: Does your store provide gift packaging?

Basically, we include a box and pouch with every item purchased, but the conditions could vary because the packaging is also pre-used (and authentic). If an item is intended as a gift, please drop us a note during checkout, and we shall select a packaging in a presentable condition.

Q: What are the shipping methods and fees?

The default shipping method is FedEx, with a standard rate of US$18 worldwide. For P.O. Box addresses outside the coverage of FedEx and some rural areas in Australia, we will switch to EMS (by post) with the same shipping costs. For Malaysian buyers, you may opt for DHL (RM40), GDex (RM20), or local pickup.

Q: Is there proof of authenticity?

Please read About authenticity or watch Video - Authenticity of our products.

Q: What if an item I purchased turned out to be a fake?

We take pride in our authenticating skills, as we have handled thousands of Tiffany jewelries, and have examined at least a hundred times more than this. If a Tiffany sale representative comments that a piece your purchased from our store is not authentic, please ask if he or she has been professionally trained by T&Co. to authenticate, and write down the full name of the staff and the store you visited. We shall take action accordingly and make sure you get a satisfactory outcome.